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VERSION 4.08122000
Language: E = English; T = Thai

Welcome! Welcome! Now, you're in Din home page. Feel free to look around. This page contains information about all that're in here.
What's new...

  • Oct 31, 2002: Add a mirror site at fortunecity. This will be updated a lot less frequenctly.
  • August 8, 2002: Some content of this site is deleted due to insufficeint server space :(
  • May 19, 2000 : This homepage is redesigned. Moreover, you can access this site via
What're inside...
Education : My notes. The biggest section of this site. The notes is done while I was studying those courses. Some are in Thai since they are made when I was in Triam Udom Suksa highschool in Bangkok. Others are in English, done mostly at Cornell university, USA. The subjects are quite random. Most topics are for the electrical and computer engineering courses since they're relevant to my major. However, some biology, math, and physics are in here also. Please be aware I can't guarantee the correctness nor completeness of them. Think about them as my cheat sheets that occasionally contain some proof.
Cool stuffs : Some interesting photos, articles, etc.
ME? : Photos
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