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26 July 2000 
Prapun Din Suksompong
Nickname: Din

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Nationality: Thai
Religion: Buddhism
Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
15 July 1979
King's Scholarship yr. 2540
Assumption College Thonburi ; 30 Gp. 3 Pechkasem Rd., Pasicharoen., Bangkok 10160

1985-1990: 3.92/4.0

1991-1993: 3.97/4.0

Triam Udom Suksa School, Bangkok, Thailand

1994-1997: 4.00/4.0

The Taft School ; 110 Woodbury Road, Watertown, CT, 06795
1997-1998: 5.56/6.0
Cornell University
18 Jan 2000
I was born and grown up in Bangkok, Thailand. After finishing high school there with a perfect 4.0/4.0 GPA, I won the King's Scholarship--arguably the most competitive and honorable scholarship for Thai students--which granted me the financial support for my 4-year study at Cornell university.

My undergraduate performance at Cornell's College of Engineering was no less impressive than my high-school years. I topped the Cornell ECE graduating class of 2002, with a GPA that was the highest even among all 756 engineering students.

Four-year experience at Cornell led me to believe that Cornell is where I can fully utilize my ability and creativity. Thus, I applied for the Cornell MS-PhD program. I'm now a second-year grad student at Cornell which grants me the financial support to pursue my MS-PhD degree in Electrical Engineering. Currently, my interest lies in the areas of communication networks and information theory, where most of my knowledge comes from studying with my advisor, Prof. Toby Berger, whose genius work and incomparable intellect has continually inspired me.

I also find subjects outside the realm of engineering such as philosophy, economics, and psychology enjoyable and enlightening. From psychology, studying how human perception works reminds me that machanical limits in technology are not all that determine what engineers can do. Knowing how we perceive things through our senses can help us designed an effective communication systems. This idea has already made the MP3 audio achieve near CD quality sound. If possible, I also hope to broaden my knowledge in the area of cognitive science where I believe could benefit my engineering work.